The Accretion Gospel

Campaign Timeline

A Brief Overview of the History of Accretion Gospel Universe, as perceived by the eyes of mankind

  • 2430 AD- Earth first makes contact with life on Mars, and the two species begin to form tenuous diplomatic relationships
  • 2652 AD- Earth and Martian efforts create the first machinery capable of leaving the Solar System while supporting living passengers. Expeditions to far off systems begin, and a new era begins.
  • 32 PF (Post Flight)- Solar settlers discover the star system Macada. Macada II serves to be a suitable planet for colonization, rich with untouched natural resources. However, it proves to be a savage planet with a severe environment due to a violently active weather phenomenon triggered by intense undersea volcanic action. Dr. James Kazehara begins working on genetic augmentations to allow pioneers on Macada to adapt to their environment.
  • 221 PF- Genetically augmented humans living on Macada, called “Mendels” begin to form their own autonomous sub-species while living on Macada
  • 312 PF- Macada wages war with Earth and Mars for independence, “Mendels” begin to seek freedom from their parent race
  • 340 PF- Macada becomes an independent star system, becoming politically and legally distinct from both Earth and Mars.
  • 363 PF- Earth and Martian forces “discover” the system of Delsidia. Earth emissaries make contact with the Delsidians, and relations begin. Earth begins to help Delsidia develop interstellar technology.
  • 365 PF- Earth and Mars fall under attack from citizens of the planet Lacryma IV in the Lacryma system. The Lacrymans feel they are the rightful owners of the Delsidian system, and they are angry that they have given the Delsidians the ability to travel beyond their own star system.
  • 366 PF- Mars, Delsidia, Earth, and Lacryma engage in what is known as the Galactic War.
  • 395 PF- Lacryma is defeated when Coalition receives aid from a new ally in the Rovano system
  • 450 PF- Rovano, the Solar system, Delsidia, Macada, and Lacryma begin communications to begin the Galactic Coalition, although there is still much resentment from the Lacrymans and hostility between them, Earth, and the Delsidians, as well as latent hostilities between Macada and Earth.
  • 461 PF- The Horas system makes contact with the Coalition quite by accident, after Coalition scouts came across a Horan vessel while surveying the star system. Horas had only recently pioneered rudimentary interplanetary technology, but after it’s encounter with the Coalition, they were eager to receive advanced technology from their new friends.
  • 465 PF- A grand civil war erupts across Horas, most of which is commonly blamed on the introduction of new technology offered by the Coalition. Coalition forces suffered great casualty in trying to contain the devastating war.
  • 466 PF- The Preservation of Technological Evolution Act (or the PTEA) was enacted by the Coalition
  • 526 PF- Alchemical technology discovered
  • 645 PF- A great dispute over alchemical resources creates galactic tension
  • 785 PF- Orexisite discovered on Macada
  • 850 PF- Orexisite alchemy perfected, Macada quickly becomes the galactic superpower among the Coalition due to it’s abundance of the material
  • 935 PF- Present day



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